About ArianeSpace

Program Development Company would like to acknowledge the late Vijay K. Garg for his groundbreaking work in turbine cooling CFD. Work is continued today in this field by his colleagues at NASA Glenn Research Center including James D. Heidmann.

Arianespace is currently the world's largest commercial satellite launcher. Much of its success is due to the Ariane-5 launch system. Araine-5 has broken many recent records in the commercial launching of satellites, including the largest number of successful commercial launches in a year, and highest payload carried by a commercial launcher.

Even though Ariane-5 is arguably the most successful commercial rocket-launcher, the design of the Ariane-5 rocket faced many challenges in the beginning. The Ariane-5 rocket has to produce enough thrust to accelerate an 8 ton satellite to more than 25000 Mph and have enough control to place it in a geo-stationary orbit above the earth.

The engineering challenges in the design stem from immense mechanical loads, hypersonic flows, huge variations in temperature and pressure, instability problems and many other design challenges which require superior engineering solutions.

Many specialized design tools and sophisticated experiments were used in the design of Ariane-5. One of the major design challenges involved the aero-thermodynamic analysis of the rocket and the whole launch system. Aero-thermodynamic analysis involves the combination of the study of flow and heat transfer relations, and also involves calculation of reacting flow when integrating the combustion.