Other Applications

Apart from using many commercial CFD codes, computations on GridPro grids were performed with "Lore", which has been developed specifically to model heat transfer and flow at such high speeds. The figure shows a GridPro grid on the Ariane-5 launcher and the corresponding pressure solution calculated by Lore. The complex flow calculated is also shown as velocity vectors in the next figure.

An experimental setup of a model of the Ariane-5 was setup to validate the results produced and the CFD results were validated. It was found that GridPro enabled the CFD codes to produce accurate results and get the best out of their CFD codes.

Apart from the successful use of GridPro to model the entire launch system, GridPro is also being used at the ESA to model many other designs and space vehicles. A recent calculation performed on the X-38 space vehicle is shown here. Apart from superior quality of results, another advantage of using GridPro's grid generation system is the ability to model small changes in the flap movement in X-38 automatically to study the effects of flap deflection. This is illustrated in the figure.

GridPro enabled the European Space Agency to achieve superior results on Ariane-5 leading to better analysis and insight in the design. To learn how GridPro can help you achieve similar success, please contact us.