Tutorial 1: Getting Started


GridPro is an innovative, automatic grid generator which is easy to use when the user understands the basics of topology design. The technology is unlike any other grid generator on the market so we will begin our tutorial by starting out with a 2-D case that will emphasize the basic concepts and speed up the learning process. All of the concepts learned in 2-D will be used in 3-D grid generation that will be introduced in Part 2.

Download PDF - Tutorial 1 Book.
Download ZIP - tutorial_1.zip, including: Tutorial_1.fra.

What you will create in Part 1:

Topology Design Intent
As you use GridPro to mesh more complex geometry, you will discover that a mesh can be created in many ways. However, the reason for using GridPro is to optimize the mesh on the area of most importance, such as, the surface of the geometry. In this case the mesh on the circle and four walls are of interest. Let’s mesh this case with the same mesh density in another way by creating the topology at the walls and assigning it’s wrap to the circle and compare it to our original case.

What you will learn in Part 1:

What you will create in Part 2:

In most cases you will be working in 3-D to accurately simulate the flow around the model of interest. All of the concepts learned in 2- D can be directly applied to 3-D grid generation. In this case a grid of the geometry in Part I will be created in 3-D.

What you will learn in Part 2:

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