Tutorial 3: Creating a Grid Between Two Intersecting Surfaces

Tutorial 3. Part 1. Internal mesh on a 2D surface. Video

What you will learn:

Step 1. Making the Wrap

In Tutorial 2, double assignments were shown to be very important in creating a well defined external mesh at the intersection of two surfaces. The same principle will be applied in Tutorial 3. Load the file into the az manager of GridPro and read the TIL file named Tutorial_3_Part1 or double click directly on the file with the left mouse button. The geometry should appear on the 2D workplane.

Turn off the Axis and Cut-Plane to reduce screen clutter. The objective is to mesh the stem of a 2D mushroom while using the head as an intersecting curve bounding the grid. Create simple rectangular topology around the stem.

Only the stem will be meshed so remove the edge at the top of the topology.

Step 2. Grid Density

Change the grid density along the topology from the default value of 8.

Step 3. Introduction to Automatic Grid Loading

GridPro allows the user to automatically load the grid and change its density while it is converging to equilibrium. This interactive tool is useful in inspecting the grid quality and making necessary changes quickly. Start the grid generation and go to the Grid Viewer and load new by clicking on the blk.tmp file.