Tutorial 6: MiniCAD


Triangular files sometimes contain deformities or errors which must be corrected before gridding. GridPro contains a number of effective tools and utilities that can be used to correct surfaces for grid generation. These tools involve both automatic grid smoothing and techniques in the form of program utilities, and manual tools to segment and merge surfaces, surface filling and moving nodes.

Download PDF - Tutorial 6 Book.
Download ZIP - Tutorial_6.zip, including: Tutorial_6.fra; surf_main; surf_tpo; Tutorial_6.log.

What you will create in Part 1:

You will prepare a deformed surface for grid generation. Surfaces contain deformities such as misaligned nodes and highly skewed cells.

What you will learn in Part 1:

What you will create in Part 2:

All of the correction techniques that can be used on triangular surfaces can be used on quads except that gaps on quad surfaces cannot be filled. However, an effective technique available for quad surfaces is that they can be transformed into GridPro topology, manipulated and then transformed back into a surface. One advantage of transforming the surfaces into topology is that all of the topology tools, such as insert topology sheet, can also be used for surface correction.

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