Tutorial 7: Property Setter


The GridPro Property Setter allows the user to set volume or boundary condition labels to be exported into a commercial CFD package or into an in-house developed code.

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Part 1: Setting Boundary and Volume Labels Automatically

GridPro allows the user the convenience of labeling the boundaries in the Topology panel before the grid is generated. The majority of users will want to access this technique, however, it is limited to uniform properties that exist only on the boundary surfaces.

What you will create in Part 1:

You will learn how to set grid properties on surfaces and volumes.

What you will learn in Part 1:

Part 2: Setting Boundary and Volume Labels Manually

GridPro allows you to manually set the boundary and volume property labels within the Property Setter panel. In this case, let’s set the boundary conditions that we set in Part I manually and add solid volume label in the center of the tube.

Part 3: Setting Properties for a User Defined Code

The property setter is most useful for independent codes that are being developed by the user. GridPro implements functions for outputting a grid in any given solver format as a plug-in script and executable.

For example, the user can add to the GridPro Graphics Manager the capability of outputting the grid in a given solver format without the requirement of knowing, changing or recompiling the GridPro source code.

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