Tutorial 7: Property Setter

Tutorial 7. Part 2. Setting Boundary and Volume Labels Manually

GridPro allows you to manually set the boundary and volume property labels within the Property Setter panel. In this case, let’s set the boundary conditions that we set in Part I manually and add solid volume label in the center of the tube.

Step 1. Starting the Property Setter

Start GridPro by double clicking on the Tutorial_7.fra file or enter az at the prompt and load the file from the topo sub-menu using TIL: read. Load in the grid by using the grid sub-menu at the top.

Step 2. Setting the Velocity Inlet Boundary Label

We want to set the velocity inlet boundary label at the top of the cylindrical model. First, go to the Set 2d Property sub-command panel and choose the velocity-inlet from the drop down list.

Step 3. Setting the Pressure Outlet Boundary Label

Assign the pressure outlet on the base of the model using the same method as in Step 2.

Step 4. Set the Symmetry Boundary Labels

Make sure symmetry has been chosen in the drop down list and is displayed in the mini dialog box.

Step 5. Set Volume Boundary Properties

The volume boundary properties are set the same way as boundary properties. Make sure that the blocks are showing by turning off the display for all of the sheets. Go to the show menu in the 2D Property Setter and click on the "-" button and drag a purple box around all of the faces. To turn on the blocks, go to the show menu in the 3D Property Setter and click on the "all" button to display all of the blocks.