Tutorial 8: Creating Superblocks


It is important to know how to merge blocks into superblock format for CFD codes that the user is developing in a research or design department. GridPro allows the user to convert the grid into superblock data by using the “Save: Grid as” command that randomly merges blocks of a similar property. If the user wants to control the merge process, a merge block utility is available that controls the merging routine based on the block properties, face properties, patch definitions and surfaces created in the topology builder.

Download PDF - Tutorial 8 Book.
Download ZIP - Tutorial_8.zip, including: Tutorial_8_blk; Tutorial_8_blk.conn; Tutorial_8_facep_blk; Tutorial_8_facep_blk.conn; Tutorial_8_ilimit_blk; Tutorial_8_ilimit_blk.conn; Tutorial_8_nlimit_blk; Tutorial_8_nlimit_blk.conn.

What you will learn:

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