Tutorial 9: Grids with Periodic Surfaces


Some geometries involving grid generation are translationally or rotationally recurrent to their furthest extent. A common and important example is the axial turbine. When the geometry is recurrent, rather than computing the whole grid about the object at once, GridPro can grid a periodic section of the object and then duplicate that section to easily construct the grid about the whole object. This process saves you time and effort, and allows you to construct the topology for only a fraction of the region you want gridded.

This tutorial deals with meshing such symmetric geometries. In Part I, we will grid a 2-D cascade of turbine blades. In Part II, we will generate a 3-D grid for a rotationally symmetric turbine.

Download PDF - Tutorial 9 Book.
Download ZIP - Tutorial_9.zip, including: tut91.fra; blade.quad; string.tmp.

What you will learn in Part 1:

What you will learn in Part 2:

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