Tutorial 9: Grids with Periodic Surfaces

Tutorial 9. Part 2. A Rotationally Periodic Turbine

Step 1. Creating the Geometry

The geometry we are going to create consists of a hub, a shroud, a skewed cylinder which will be the turbine blade, and 2 planes which will represent the axial ends of the turbine. Other than these physical surfaces, we will also be constructing a pseudo x-polar surface to represent the periodic boundary.

Step 2. Creating the Topology

You have to create a wireframe topology around the blade to grid the section. Just to give you an idea of the type of topology you have to create, here is a picture of what the final topology looks like.

Step 3. Surface Assignments

After creating the topology, its time for the surface assignments. We have six surfaces totally, including the periodic surface.

Step 4. Generating the Grid

After you have done the things mentioned above, you are ready to generate the grid. Select Ggrid Start from the topo pull down menu to generate the grid. Wait for a few minutes and then load the grid. Switch to the grid viewer to see the grid. You should be able to see the block structure. Play around with the grid viewer to get a good view of the grid.

Step 5. A Parametric Variation on the Blade Surface

Now that you have the topology for this configuration, you can load it in different blade surfaces and grid them with the same topology. To start with, you can try loading the blade.quad file. To do this, make the blade surface the current one. Then, go to the surf pull down menu and select reload current.