Tutorial 11: Using Macros


In many cases, macros provide the user with a quicker implementation of topology. Macros TIL files, and like TIL files contain topology and surfaces. Any TIL file can be a macro. Macros can be loaded into the topology builder at any time, and you have the option of transforming to any location, scale to any size, and rotate by any axis you want. Macros are a powerful tool.

Macros are very useful if you have a topology section already built and you want to replicate it with some transformations. That’s exactly what macros do. Using macros makes your work much simpler and faster. For example, if you have a pipe intersecting a surface, and you want to add more pipes in a similar way, using macros speeds the process. In general, if you think your topology might be divided into similar smaller components, then, you can probably import those smaller components as macros and link them together. This way, you have to create that component only once. This can save you a considerable amount of time in complex cases.

Download PDF - Tutorial 11 Book.
Download ZIP - Tutorial_11.zip, including: tub_box.fra; surf_int.

What you will create:

Tubes Intersecting A Box

What you will learn:

This tutorial is intended to introduce you to macros. You will be gridding a geometry in which a number of tubes are intersecting a box. You will create the topology for a single tube intersecting a box, and will replicate it as macros to create the other tubes.

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