Tutorial 12: Topology Design for a Curved Test Section


In this tutorial, you will be dealing with a case which is closer to a real world case. Practical cases usually have more complex geometries, and when using GridPro for such cases, you need to be armed with some techniques to solve these tougher problems. This tutorial will teach you some of the techniques.

Many times, when creating topologies for practical cases, you come across singularities. You will have to ensure that you handle these singularities appropriately to get the high quality grid you desire. Sometimes, the topology may be such that it leads to a high amount of streching in the grids. You will learn that you can alter your topology design to avoid such bad qualities. And finally, to realise the higher purpose of grid generation, you might want to take the flow physics into consideration. For example, you might like a higher concentration of points near the trailing edge of the blade. An elegant and powerful method to accomplish this is by adding an internal surface near the trailing edge of the blade. Adding internal surfaces can help you control grid concentrations in different regions.

Download PDF - Tutorial 12 Book.
Download ZIP - Tutorial_12.zip, including: surfs2d.fra; gary.grd.sf01; gary.grd.sf04; gary.grd.sf05; gary.grd.sf09.

What you will create:

A curved test section for Turbine blades

What you will learn:

In this tutorial you will be gridding a curved test section with 2 turbine blades which is intended to simulate turning flow past the blades. You will start by constructing a simple topology, and successively correct and improve the topology using different techniques to improve the grid quality, and learning some techniques of topology design in the process.

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